Here's When and How to Watch Today’s Beyond Good & Evil 2 Livestream

By Laura Kate Dale on at

While E3 doesn’t officially kick off for several days, today seems to be the first dedicated day of early reveals and Livestreams. There’s a Pokémon Direct, a THQ Nordic game reveal, and more news on the eternally-in-development Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 seemed like a sure-fire bet to be one of Ubisoft's big hitters during its E3 conference this year. The game has shown up a lot at E3 over the past few years, and with next gen consoles coming up on the horizon, most of us assumed that we would be seeing new gameplay for the title during Ubisoft's upcoming conference.

However, according to a blog post from Ubisoft itself, Beyond Good & Evil 2 will not appear at E3. Instead, the game will get its own dedicated livestream today at 5PM UK.

For those hoping that the pre-E3 livestream would show off lots of exciting new gameplay for the title, you might not want to hold your breath. A statement in the blog post says that the team "look forward to sharing more with you, including new gameplay footage, when the time is right". The "when the time is right" line heavily suggests they are not ready to show gameplay during next week's livestream. It feels like this game may still be a long way from finished.

While Beyond Good & Evil 2 is not releasing during this financial year, a previously announced beta for the game is still due to release in calendar 2019. We can only hope to get more info on that beta next week.