THQ Nordic are Revealing Three Games Over the Next Three Days

By Laura Kate Dale on at

E3 is right around the corner, with the first livestreams and press conferences starting just a little later this week. However, announcements are creeping out earlier and earlier ahead of the main show itself, and the latest company trying to get in early is THQ Nordic.

According to a press release email from the company, three games are being revealed over the next three days. The first will be revealed 3PM UK on Wednesday 5th June, the second at 6PM UK on Thursday 6th June, and the final game will be revealed on Friday 7th June.

While none of these games have yet been officially revealed by the company, we can make some reasonable guesses based on publicly available information.

A posting for a panel during E3 Colloseum stated that a game called Darksiders: Genesis was going to be revealed, before being changed to be much more vague and not list the full game name. This lined up with information revealed during THQ Nordic's controversial message board AMA this year, which also listed that a new Destroy All Humans game was in the works.

Lastly, a list of Nvidia Ancel compatible games temporarily listed a title called Red Faction Evolution, before taking the listing down.

While we don't know for sure which three games are going to be revealed, these three seem like reasonable assumptions. For now, all we can do is wait until tomorrow afternoon.