Google Stadia is Getting Its Own Nintendo Direct Style Livestream This Week

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Way back when, in the distant past of March 2019, Google held a press conference at GDC to announce their big attempt at moving into the gaming space. Their answer? Stadia, a game streaming platform that aims to cut down on input lag by making use of the company's ludicrously strong networking infrastructure to make loading up games fast and seamless.

The company made some bold claims about Stadia, including that input lag would be low enough for fighting game players to be happy, but they revealed very few of the specifics. We know it will support Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Doom Eternal, but we know very little else of the supported games lineup, when it's releasing, or how much it will cost as a way to play games.

However, it looks like at least some of those lingering questions will be answered this week.

Stadia Connect seems to be a Nintendo Direct style news livestream, which the reveal trailer suggests will be a series of livestreams over time rather than a single one of pre-E3 news dump.

The first Stadia Connect livestream is taking place this Thursday, 6th June, and will kick off at 5PM UK time.

The teaser video suggests we should learn when Stadia is launching, how much games will cost, and some additional games coming to the platform. Basically, all the lingering questions we had after the initial reveal press conference.

Unsurprisingly, the presentation will be livestreamed on YouTube.