Fan Fix For 13-Year-Old Far Cry Bug Officially Added to the Game

By Nathan Grayson on at

The original Far Cry is a, ahem, distant weep from what the series has become under Ubisoft’s influence, but the 2004 jungle-faring adventure starring a grown man with the fashion sense of a late-1990s preteen still has its fans. Since 2006, those fans have been struggling with a peculiar issue: Enemies can see and fire through tents. Now, 13 years later, that issue has been fixed in the official GOG version of the game—thanks to a fan.

The infamous tent AI bug was first introduced in Far Cry’s final 1.4 patch, which came out in 2006. Fans created their own fixes over the years, but if you decided to buy the game and go in blind, you’d have no means of overcoming its rogue’s gallery of extremely not-blind enemies. GOG’s latest Far Cry hotfix, however, includes a long-awaited note: “added a small fix to prevent AI bots from shooting through tents (thanks to FarOut for reaching out to us).”

FarOut is the fan who created the fix, which you can also download separately on ModDB. In a post, they applaud GOG’s update.

“While there are fan patch(es) that deal with this, this seems to be the first time that any seller has shipped a fixed version,” they wrote. “Thumbs up for GOG!”

So if you’ve been holding out on playing the first Far Cry, an incredibly 2004 video game that nonetheless laid the foundation for multiple mechanics, games, and genres, there really is no better time than the present.