The Upcoming Free DLC Chapter for Celeste Features Over 100 New Levels

By Laura Kate Dale on at

When Celeste released back in early 2018, it quickly became one of our favourite games of the year. Players control a young girl, climbing a mountain by completing sections of 2D platforming, while overcoming her own mental health issues and coming to terms with herself. The gameplay is incredibly polished, the difficulty tweaking options are incredibly valuable, and the story is improved by its similarity to the gameplay mechanics underpinning it. It's truly a spectacular game.

Early this year, we got the news that Celeste would be getting a free DLC pack of additional levels, but no information was given on how big the pack of free levels would be, or when it would come. Now, thanks to a tweet from the game's creator, we know the free DLC is a lot bigger than most assumed.

Apparently the DLC was not always planned to be this huge, but it has grown over time. This is part of why the DLC doesn't yet have a firm release date.

if you've not yet tried Celeste, and want to understand why it's worth your time, you can read our thoughts on the game here.