Super Smash Bros. UItimate Now Has Virtual Reality Support

By Luke Plunkett on at

It wasn’t great with Mario or Zelda, but hey, let’s see if adding a dash of virtual reality to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, via Nintendo Labo, adds anything to the experience.

Ultimate just updated to 3.1.0, and among other changes (check them all out here) is the addition of a very weird, very limited form of VR support that you can only use in singleplayer bouts.

Since all it’s doing is providing a slightly closer, angled view of the battle – there’s nothing dramatic like making this a first-person brawler – I can’t see much use for this, but hey, if you’ve got Toy-Cons lying around, maybe give it a try and see if it does anything cool.

The 3.1.0 update is out now.