Sucker Punch Celebrates Ten Years of inFAMOUS by Revealing Cole MacGrath Was Nearly 'Gearwolf'

By CJ Wheeler on at

Ghost of Tsushima developer Sucker Punch Productions has shared some insights into the creation of inFAMOUS to mark the tenth anniversary of the series.

Amongst the ten facts about inFAMOUS' development that Sucker Punch shared via Twitter are gems like protagonist Cole being referred to as 'Gearwolf', and decidedly more hirsute than he ended up in the shipped game. There's also some interesting prototype (don't mention Prototype!) footage of different directions inFAMOUS could have taken.

The game was originally titled True Hero because Sucker Punch wasn't sure even up to until the very last minute at inFAMOUS' reveal at E3 2007 whether or not they had rights to use the name. Check out the Superman/Clark Kent influence to this early take on the game.

Apparently, being an entrepreneurial businessperson who opens shops in the local neighbourhood is a superpower. We could do with one of them down my high street.

At one stage in development, NPCs appeared to have wandered in from The Sims and spoke utter nonsense to one another, with emotes dangling above their bonces. "Hot Topic walla koo" indeed. Players could alter their Gearwolf's – sorry, I can't get over Gearwolf, that's just fantastic – hair and outfit, among other things.

Perhaps the best of the ideas that didn't make it into inFAMOUS was the ability to cowabunga along on an invisible energy field because reasons and mad love for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, evidently. Sucker Punch tried out motorcycle parkour and the ability to use telekinesis to chuck all kinds of objects at enemies like some kind of Craptain America too.

It's been just about five years since inFAMOUS First Light so it'd be fun to see the series return after Sucker Punch is finished with Ghost of Tsushima, which still doesn't have a firm release date. Maybe some of the cut concepts from the original game could return and, hopefully, we might even be able to alter the mullet of our very own Gearwolf.

Featured illustration: Sucker Punch