Star Ocean: First Departure R Announced for Switch and PS4

By CJ Wheeler on at

An updated remake of the first Star Ocean game is heading to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, Square Enix has announced. No further details have been confirmed as of yet.

Star Ocean: First Departure was released on the PSP in 2007/2008, an update of developer tri-Ace's original Super Famicom title of 1996 that was never officially brought outside of Japan. In 2009, the PSP also saw a remake of Star Ocean: The Second Story in the form of Star Ocean: Second Evolution – the first Star Ocean game to reach North America and Europe, for PlayStation in 1999/2000. Japanese PSN received the PSP version of Star Ocean: Second Evolution in 2015 but it didn't make it to the West, to the vexation of fans. Phew!

The first Star Ocean followed the story of Roddick Farrence of the planet Roak as he searched alongside aliens from Earth for a cure to the mysterious stone sickness befalling his people. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, the most recent console instalment in the series, wasn't very well received on its release in 2016. Hopefully, this new updated version of the original game for Switch and PS4 will give the series more exposure and a fresh chance to reinvigorate itself.

Featured image: Square ENIX