Fortnite V9.10 Features Hot Spots, Vaulted Weapons, And Branded Sportswear

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Another week, another update to Fortnite, the battle royale game that just won't stop.

V9.10 for Fortnite dropped yesterday, and we've gone through the patch notes to tell you all about the biggest updates in this latest version of the game.

In battle royale mode, the big change is Hot Spots. Every match, one to three randomly selected named locations on the map will have their names written in gold. This signifies that those areas of the map will each contain between 12 and 16 drones carrying packages or rare items. Shoot them down, and grab their goodies.

A few limited time modes are also returning to the game, including Unvaulted Squads. Players will have access to a limited set of weapons in that mode made up entirely of items which were vaulted in regular play, so expect a chaotic match filled with broken weapon types.

For creative mode players, there's currently an exclusive limited time mode available titled Downtown Drop. It's plastered in Nike Jordan branded clothing, and basically seems to be a big clothing advert.

Additionally, creative mode players also have access to a new Haunted Hills item set including some spooky castle prefabs.

For Save the World players, the biggest news is that a new meteor strike wargame is available.

While those are the main headlines of this week's Fortnite patch, there are some additional small balance tweaks and bug fixes. If you'd like to read all the nitty gritty specifics, you can check out the full specifics here.