PS Plus Members Can Grab Free Apex Legends Cosmetics Right Now

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you've been playing Apex Legends on PS4, Respawn's three-person team based battle royale shooter, you may have noticed a slight drought of new content in the past few weeks. Updates for the game have slowed, with the most recent update simply offering small balance tweaks, but PS4 owners can now grab something new in game while they wait for new content.

The Apex Legends PlayStation Plus Play Pack is free for anyone playing Apex Legends on PS4 who has a PS Plus subscription. The pack contains two new character skins (for Lifeline and Mirage), two new weapon skins (for Eva-8 & R-99), and two new banners (for Lifeline and Mirage).

It's not much, but a handful of free cosmetic items is better than nothing, and you can't say much fairer than free.

You can find the Play Pack here, or by searching on your PS4.