Nintendo's New Game Vouchers Offer a Rare Digital Price Cut

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you've been a Nintendo console owner for the past couple of generations, you may have noticed something unique about the prices of the games the company releases compared to their competitors. Even years after a game releases, it rarely, if ever, drops in price. Where a first party PS4 game from the system's launch can be picked up for just a few quid, Breath of the Wild still costs £60 on the eShop two years after it was released, and you'll seldom see it in a shop for any less than £45.

This isn't a coincidence or accident: it's a deliberate statement from Nintendo. Its games are just as good years into the console as they are when they first launch, they don't degrade in price. While you might spot a cheap physical copy second-hand for a good rate, if you want a brand new copy physically or digitally, you'll likely be looking at full price through most of the system's life.

This is what makes the recently announced Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers such an odd value proposition. They're a cheaper way to get first party and Nintendo exclusive games digitally, but they're only really considered cheap by comparison to the company's usually stagnant digital pricing structure.

Available only to Nintendo Switch Online Membership subscribers, you can buy a pair of two vouchers for £84. Each of these vouchers can be redeemed for one of a number of games on the eShop. It's not any game on the platform, but it does include a lot of the system's biggest names. If you were new to the system, you could, for example, download Breath of the Wild and Smash Bros. Ultimate for the equivalent of £42 each, which is undeniably better than the £60 each currently costs digitally.

While this does offer online subscribers a slightly cheaper way to access some of these games, you need to buy two games at a time to make the most of the offer, and this seemingly stands in place of actual digital sales or price cuts on the software. These vouchers are only available until July 31st, so you'll need to move quickly if you want to get digital copies of these games at a reduced price. Maybe grab a couple now and save them for the next first party game you don't want to buy at full price – once you've bought the vouchers, you'll have 12 months to use them.