A Much Rumoured John Wick Fortnite Crossover Event Has Been Officially Announced

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Over the past year or so, we've seen a couple of limited time modes brought to Fortnite to celebrate the launch of upcoming films. Last year we had a LTM for Avengers infinity War, a month back we got a mode for Endgame, and now we've got one celebrating the launch of John Wick 3.

The new mode, which is starting today, isn't a huge surprise. Dataminers found John Wick-themed character models in the game recently, suggesting the tie-in event was incoming. And lo and behold, here it is.

The new limited time mode, which will likely remain in the game for a week, is titled Wick's Bounty. The mode can be played in solo, duos, or squad, and is all about collecting coins to reach victory. Killing a player gets you one coin for each kill that player had amassed, plus their coin total. The players with the three highest scores will show up on the map as the most valuable players to defeat. Early in the match they'll have icons over their heads, then they'll show up on the compass when moving or shooting nearby, and when they reach 600 coins they will show up on the map and compass regardless of distance, as well as glowing.

The objective of the mode is to collect 1,000 coins by killing targets – the higher value the better. Completing challenges in the mode can unlock in game items.

There is also an optional John Wick outfit available to purchase in the store, complete with sledgehammer design pickaxe.