Fortnite V9.01 Adds a Tactical Assault Rifle, Nerfs Some Late Game Items

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Another week has passed, and there's a new patch live right now for Fortnite. V9.01 is the first update to the game since the launch of season 9, and it focuses mainly on adding a new weapon, and lowering the power of some late game items.

The new Tactical Assault Rifle is designed for close quarters combat, with it less accurate at a distance than a standard assault rifle. It has a 30 round magazine, fires rounds off in quick succession, and deals 22, 23, or 24 damage depending on your distance from the enemy.

V9.01 also nerfs the Baller, a vehicle which was designed for fast manoeuvrable world traversal but has instead become a defensive late game item. The Baller has been nerfed so it now only has 150 health rather than 200. The hope is that this makes it less viable as a late game defence tool.

The base damage of the Drum Gun has also been slightly lowered, and the compact SMG has been vaulted to avoid having too many high rate of fire weapons in the game at once.

For creative mode players, there are new tiles available to create a ruined version of Tilted Towers.

For Save the World players there are a new threat called Mist Pods, which if left intact will spawn tough enemies. There's also a new constructor hero dressed like a dinosaur, named Prehistoric Izza.

This week's Fortnite patch is pretty small, but if you want to read all the minor specifics we did not cover in our write up, you can read the full patch notes here.