Beat Saber is Leaving Early Access, and Getting an Official Track Editor on PC

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Beat Saber is undoubtedly one of the best VR games out there right now, with its lightsaber wielding music rhythm gameplay just an absolute tonne of fun to play.

The game has spent a little over a year in early access on PC, but as of next week it will officially be leaving early access.

The update to a full release will happen on Tuesday 21st May, and will come with one key update for PC players. The 1.0 version of the game will come with an official track editor, allowing players to add their own music to the game and use a simple 2D editor to create playable levels for the game.

Beat Saber on PC has unofficially had the ability to create additional tracks and mod them into the game on PC for a while, but the 1.0 update brings an official tool that should be easier to use and offer fewer barriers to adding tracks into the game. It's unclear whether players will be able to share these tracks, as they will likely often include music which the developers do not own the rights to.

The game's developer has confirmed that the game will continue to receive free tracks, as well as paid DLC track packs.