There's a Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct Airing This Thursday

By Laura Kate Dale on at

The original Mario Maker on Wii U was one of Nintendo's most simple yet genius releases on the platform. A toolset for creating and sharing 2D side scrolling Mario levels, the game features a robust set of options to create everything from Rube Goldberg machines to nearly impossible platforming challenges.

Mario Maker 2 is due to arrive on Switch on 28th June 2019, and while that is after E3, Nintendo seems to be eager to get news on the game out the way to focus E3 on things we know less information about. How does it plan to do that? Well, with a 15 minute Direct on Thursday.

Announced via tweet, the 15 minute long Mario Maker 2 Direct will air at 11pm UK on Thursday 16th May. You can watch it live on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.