The Team Behind Discord Want the Chat App on Switch

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you're a Nintendo Switch owner who wants to engage in voice chat with your follow Switch players, right now you have three major options on the table. You can use Nintendo's slightly obtuse phone app to enable voice chat; you can play one of a tiny handful of games with built-in voice chat; or you can boot up a service like Discord or Skype on your PC and chat with your friends there.

An eager Switch player on Twitter recently asked Discord if it could bring its service to the hybrid console, offering players a native voice chat option on the system, and its response can be summarised as "We would love to, but..."

it seems like Discord are all on board with the idea, but would need Nintendo's all clear to bring it to the platform. Considering Nintendo has its own voice chat app it wants people to use, and its general fear of making communication with strangers too easy, it does seem unlikely Nintendo is going to rush to get Discord onto the system. But who knows: maybe if you make it known to both companies you'd like that, we might one day see it.

It wouldn't be the first time Discord has been made available on a console – you can use the chat program on Xbox One already.

Please Nintendo, just let me plug my headset into the Switch and chat. I can do that when playing Fortnite on Switch, so why not Splatoon 2?