Netflix is Hosting a Panel at E3, Has Gaming News in the Works

By Laura Kate Dale on at

With E3 just a few short weeks away, and both EA and Sony backing away from hosting press conferences this year, E3 2019 has opened up a little for some new players. While we're unlikely to see any press conferences quite as big as EA or PlayStation's get added at the last minute, we are seeing some exciting smaller announcements cropping up.

Last night, a tweet thread from Netflix to E3 not only revealed that the streaming company is going to have a presence at E3, but also teased a little something gaming related it has in the works.

The news that Netflix has other games in the works besides its upcoming Stranger Things adventure game is exciting, not least because we have seen it dabble recently in the interactive streaming space. Bandersnatch was an interactive movie of sorts, and Netflix is now the easiest place to check out Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode, so maybe we will hear more about those kind of projects. Telltale were working on a Stranger Things game before they closed; dare we dream Netflix might try and finish the project itself?

E3 confirmed that the panel is happening, and will be part of E3 Colosseum, a three-day long livestream of panels and talks hosted by Geoff Keighley. This year's schedule has not yet been announced, so we don't know a date or time for the Netflix panel, but we do know it will be available to watch live as it happens.