The Latest Switch eShop Sale is Making Some Good Games More Affordable

By Laura Kate Dale on at

As much as I love my Nintendo Switch, with its handheld console hybrid nature making it my go-to gaming platform, I can't deny that game prices on it are often out of line with prices on other platforms.

Any game that gets a physical release sees a price bump in both physical and digital, because of the price of manufacturing cartridges and the fact Nintendo requires price parity across versions of games. Nintendo games themselves rarely if ever drop from full price, and the generally high prices on the ecosystem mean that most publishers feel no need to go cheap when releasing software. Switch ports of games often cost considerably more than their versions on other hardware, and it's a real downside to buying games on the platform.

That's why we got so excited today to see there's currently a sale on the eShop, with some known name games finally seeing drops into more reasonable price ranges.

Notable price cuts include:

While there are a lot of really bad games in this sale, and there's no sign of price cuts for any first party software, it's nice that some great titles are getting decent discounts. I know a few games on this list I have been meaning to plan, and just waiting for the right price point.

You can see the full list of discounted games here.