Rejoice Borderlands 3 Cosplayers, Gearbox Has Released Detailed Early Cosplay Guides

By Laura Kate Dale on at

The release of Borderlands 3 is just a mere four months away, and in the few weeks following its launch, there'll be a host of UK gaming conventions taking place. So there's no better time than the present to start working on high-end ultra-detailed Borderlands 3 cosplay, if that's your jam. Sure, you've not actually played the game yet and have no clue if you'll like any of the game's characters beyond their appearance, but if you want a cool costume ready at the game's launch you'll need all the head start you can get.

Gearbox has released a bunch of detailed cosplay guides ahead of the release of the game, and as ever, they're incredibly useful. Showing the characters in high detail from all the important angles, it's not only a great costume-making resource, but likely the best look at these designs we're likely to get between now and launch day.

The guides issued are for Siren Amara, Beastmaster FL4K, Gunner Moze, and Operative Zane. More characters will be getting their open detailed cosplay guides as launch approaches.

The guides include details like hex codes for specific shades of colours if you need to be 100 per cent screen accurate, plus interesting bits of extra information to help flesh out the characters so you can act like them properly when taking photos.