A Rainbow Six Siege Shield Glitch Has Popped Up For the Third Time

By Laura Kate Dale on at

A well known Rainbow Six Siege glitch, which occurred a few times in early 2018 but had been thought to be gone for good, has popped back up in the game's latest update, and players are not happy about it.

Discovered by players on Reddit, and since logged and reproduced on the official bug report forum, the returning glitch allows some defensive operators to crouch while deploying a shield, becoming completely invincible but still being able to see perfectly well without the barricade impeding your ability to see.

Additionally, a new aspect of the glitch has emerged, where Clash, Rook, and Mira are all able to shoot through the shield too, meaning they are able to maintain a perfect defence while still looking around and attacking.

While the bug was fixed quickly the first two times it popped up, this time it has evolved and caused more issues, which may mean it's a more complex issue this time around. We have contacted Ubisoft about the glitch and will update this post if they respond about a fix.