Sounds Like Xbox Accidentally Revealed the Final Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Character

By Laura Kate Dale on at

In today's fast moving, 24/7 gaming news cycle, it's somewhat common for gaming news to leak direct from sources in the know. Sometimes, a publisher's website will post an advert or a page link a little early, sometimes a person working on the game will accidently think the news of their inclusion is already public, or on days like today a trusted media partner might accidently let it slip in a pre-recorded video.

Yesterday, posted to the official Xbox youtube channel, was a new episode of This Week On Xbox. It's a weekly news show where small short headlines about Xbox news occur, and it's not usually a place for unannounced reveals. It's generally just a place to get updates on things you might have missed elsewhere. However, it seems like this week's video is a little different.

If you skip ahead to 3:19 into the video, in a segment where the host is discussing Goku day (Go is the Japanese number 5, and Ku is the number 9, making May 9th Goku Day in American calendar formats), he mentions that as of yesterday, Goku GT and Janemba skins are available in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The problem is, while Goku GT was added as a playable fighter to FighterZ yesterday, Janemba was not. Janemba is not a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and there is still one empty DLC fighter slot next to Goku GT yet to be revealed.

Now, I don't like to make assumptions about people, maybe this presenter is a huge Dragon Ball fan and just accidentally said the name Janemba completely by accident, but it does seem a lot more likely that he knew that name because it was on a script which was not changed in time for the recording of the video. He's not exactly the most well known character from the series, originally appearing as the villain of 1995 movie. He also appeared in Xenoverse 2.

Perhaps the best part of this whole story is that while the video has not been taken down, there's a fairly hilarious attempt in the video description to cover this up.

Clarification to the DRAGON BALL FighterZ update. The latest update pack will include: Goku GT (playable character), 1 new Lobby Avatar, and 1 new Z Stamp.

Sure, this may be nothing, some sort of mistake, but it seems pretty likely this dude accidently revealed Janemba as the game's soon to be revealed final DLC character.