Microsoft is Teasing Some Sort of Game of Thrones-Themed Xbox Announcement

By Laura Kate Dale on at

With only two weeks left before HBO's Game of Thrones wraps up a story years in the making, many fans of the series will soon have a big Westeros-shaped hole in their entertainment consuming lives. But fear not: it seems like you might not have long to wait for some kind of Xbox-related crossover to occur.

Via a couple of social media posts made last earlier this week on Xbox's social media accounts, we saw a number of clearly Game of Thrones-related teaser videos presumably building up to some incoming announcement. The first was the above Twitter post, which shows flames, before revealing a portion of the Targaryen family crest. The second is a Facebook post, which shows a blizzard followed by the Night King's glyph. The fact these are showing up on the Xbox accounts could mean a couple of things. While many are hoping this is a tease for a game reveal at E3, it could just as easily be for a limited edition console design or something similarly less interactive.

With E3 just around the corner in early June, it probably won't be long before we learn more about whatever is being teased here. As great as a game reveal would be, I'm equally bracing myself for the fact this could just be an announcement of an in-game skin, or a new way to watch the series on the console.