A Minecraft AR Game is Getting Revealed Next Friday

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Next Friday, 17th May, is the tenth Anniversary of Minecraft. For a time the most popular video game on the planet, Minecraft has allowed players for the past ten years to explore a blocky voxel world, collecting materials, crafting tools, building structures, and trying to survive dangers along the way.

There have been spin off entries in the series over the years, including a Telltale Game where players experienced a story in the cube-based world. Now, it seems a very different type of side game is being revealed on the game's 10th anniversary.

The above trailer shows off footage of an augmented reality Minecraft game where players can see Minecraft characters, like a pig, in the real world through use of their phone camera. The trailer also confirms more information is coming next Friday, 17th May.

I personally quite enjoy the plot of this trailer, which seems to be the story of a Microsoft employee accidentally leaving a phone running a build of an unreleased game on a bench ready to just be found by a random member of the public. In reality, I bet that young woman would have gone straight to Reddit with what she saw.

While we know very little about this game right now, our best guess is it's likely to be something similar to Pokémon Go, making use of real world location based play. We will have to wait until next week to know for sure.