Here are the Magic: The Gathering Cards That Caused Cheating Allegations

By Brian Ashcraft on at

Last weekend, Japanese player and Magic Hall of Famer Yuuya Watanabe was booted from Mythic Championship II in London after judges found markings on his cards’ sleeves. Here are said cards.

After the disqualification, Watanabe released a statement regarding the cards and their sleeves.

“I honestly don’t know how my Urzatron lands became marked, so I don’t know the exact reason things turned out this way,” Watanabe wrote. “I think maybe it’s because I tutored for them a lot from my deck. This requires touching the cards more, and the repeated exposure might’ve caused damage to them, giving them distinguishable marks.”

In the interest of transparency, Watanabe and Team Cygames have released the following images of the deck.


All images: Cygames