Here are the Launch Day Games Available for Oculus Quest

By Laura Kate Dale on at

In just a few short weeks on 21st May 2019, the Oculus Quest is being released into the wild. The headset offers VR gameplay free of wires and doesn't need connecting to a PC to run – everything is handled by the headset itself. Thanks to a press release we know what games will be available and supported on the device from day one.

The launch day list contains the following 53 games and apps:

  • Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs
  • Apex Construct
  • Apollo 11
  • Bait!
  • Ballista
  • Beat Saber
  • Bigscreen Beta
  • Bogo
  • Bonfire
  • Box VR
  • Creed
  • Dance Central
  • Dead and Buried II
  • Drop Dead: Duel Strike
  • Electronauts
  • Epic Roller Coasters
  • Face Your Fears 2
  • First Contact
  • Fruit Ninja VR
  • Guided Tai Chi
  • I Expect You To Die
  • Job Simulator
  • Journey of the Gods
  • Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes
  • Moss
  • National Geographic VR Explore
  • Nature Treks
  • Ocean Rift
  • Oculus Browser
  • Oculus Gallery
  • Oculus TV
  • Oculus Video
  • Orbus VR
  • PokerStars VR
  • Racket Fury: Table Tennis
  • Rec Room
  • Robo Recall
  • Rush
  • Shadow Point
  • Skybox VR Video Player
  • Space Pirate Trainer
  • Sports Scramble
  • Superhot VR
  • The Exorcist: Legion VR
  • Thumper
  • Tilt Brush
  • Ultrawings
  • Vader Immortal
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Virtual Virtual Reality
  • VR Karts
  • VRChat
  • Wander

In terms of that day one lineup, there are some stand-out titles, including some of the best VR games available today. Beat Saber is an obvious favourite, allowing players to hack and slash their way through fast paced tracks using lightsabers.

Bigscreen allows players to watch their video content on a simulated giant movie screen, a great way to swap phone videos on a flight for a more expansive experience.

I Expect You to Die is a fantastic spy-themed set of escape-the-room puzzles, where you try to survive deadly super villain trap scenarios.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is an asynchronous game where one player diffuses a bomb, while another player has a physical manual with which to help them diffuse it.

Moss is a charming platform game with a protagonist that's a cute mouse hero who uses sign language to communicate.

Space Pirate Trainer is a fun chaotic shooting gallery which takes place all around you.

Superhot VR is a game where the world only moves when you move, leading to Matrix-style action, and Tilt Brush is a program which allows for painting and sculpting in 3D space.

Oculus Quest releases 21st May 2019. Two models are available: a 64gb model for £399, and 128gb for £499. You can read an in-depth review of the headset over on our sister site, Gizmodo UK.