Valve's Index VR Headset Ships In June, Full Set Costs £919

By Mike Fahey on at

Following last month’s tease, today Valve officially announced the Valve Index, a “high-fidelity” virtual reality headset with impressive specs, cool new controllers and a £919 price tag.

The Valve Index headset features a pair of 1440x1600 RGB LCD displays running at 120Hz (with an experimental 144Hz mode.) It also has built-in stereo headphones that are off-the-ear, to provide a more natural soundstage for VR applications.

The Index headset is controlled by the new Index controllers. Each controller features 87 different sensors for detecting finger and hand position, movement speed, and other measurements necessary to translate real-world hand motions into virtual space. The Index controllers are compatible with all existing HTC Vive games and apps.

The controllers and the new Index base stations are also compatible with existing HTC Vive hardware. The controllers, which sell for £259 a pair, can be purchased separately, as can the £139 base stations. Vive owners with Vive controllers and the original base stations can opt to upgrade to the Index headset by itself for £459.

The full Valve Index kit comes with the headset, two controllers, and a pair of base stations for £919. That price tag makes the package seem like it’s not an entry-level VR setup, but more for people who’ve tasted what virtual reality has to offer at lower levels and want to take the next step.

Hit up the official website for more information on the Valve Index.