Kingdom Hearts III ReMind Free and Paid DLC Announced

By CJ Wheeler on at

Details of Kingdom Hearts III's DLC package, titled ReMIND for the moment, have been revealed at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World of Tres show in Tokyo.

Kingdom Hearts III's director Tetsuya Nomura got up on stage to share the news with fans in a presentation at the concert, which was translated and shared on Twitter by user YanilynGaming:

ReMIND will introduce a new scenario to Kingdom Hearts III, along with new bosses and an English voice-over option for the Japanese version of the game. It wasn't made clear whether the English language version would receive an option to enable the Japanese voices. Anyone who owns the game will have the opportunity to play with a snazzy new keyblade and form, however, although they are as yet unannounced. Ben Swolo and Deadpool's katana maybe?

Nomura had laid out something of a loose roadmap for Kingdom Hearts III's updates and DLC back in February when speaking with Dengeki Online. The free Critical Mode update mentioned then was released earlier this week, but no firm date or price has been touted yet for the paid elements of ReMIND. Nomura mentioned in the February interview that he wanted the paid DLC completed this year so work could begin on a new project.

It's unlikely we'll have to wait another 14 years, as YanilynGaming added that Square Enix will give more information on ReMIND during Japan's rainy season, which starts at the beginning of June. Keep your eyes peeled, then, for Square Enix's E3 conference on June 11. [GamesRadar]

Featured image: Disney/Pixar, Square Enix