Tokyo RPG Factory Reveals More Information About the Upcoming Oninaki

By Kim Snaith on at

During February's Nintendo Direct, we got word of a new game coming from Tokyo RPG Factory, the team that brought us I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear. Called Oninaki, its reveal promised an RPG adventure spanning the living world "and beyond".

We haven't heard a great deal in the couple of months since it was announced, but today publisher Square Enix has shared a brand new trailer, showing off some of the game's characters. Give it a watch:

It doesn't reveal a whole lot about gameplay, but at least gives us a taste of what we can expect. However, over on the PlayStation Blog, director Atsushi Hashimoto and creative producer Takashi Tokita answered some questions to give a better understanding of what Oninaki is going to bring to the table. As well as giving more information about the characters and background of the game's story, they revealed a bit more about how the game will play out:

"Because this is an action RPG, we wanted to pursue exhilarating action that feels good, plus dig deeper into this title’s characteristic element of having your Daemons fight alongside you to bring you action in combat that is very unique to this game.

Also, we are being mindful so that the action doesn’t become too difficult, too. We want to prepare a difficulty level that is still accessible to players who may not be comfortable with the action-based mechanics. But on the flip side, for those who are thinking, “I want to come up with complex combos!” will be able to achieve that kind of gameplay as well, depending on how you customize. We are making it so that there is variety in the way you play, so I think that’s something to be excited about."

The full interview is worth a read if Tokyo RPG Factory games are your thing. Oninaki is set to release on PS4, Switch and PC this summer.