Here's When You Can Watch Square Enix's E3 2019 Press Conference

By Laura Kate Dale on at

With E2 2019 barely a month and a half away, we're getting into full swing with announcements for upcoming press conference times and dates. With a few key players like Sony stepping away from the event this year, it means a couple of key time slots have opened up. It seems like Square Enix is taking the opportunity to jump into what was previously one of the prime conference slots.

The Square Enix press conference will be livestreamed at 2am on Tuesday 11th June, a time slot previously used by Sony for their E3 press conference.

In terms of what to expect at the conference, we will hopefully see a bit more of Babylon's Fall, a game in development by Platinum Games that's expected to release on PS4 and PC later this year. We also know Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal have been working on an Avengers game, which we hope to hear more about at E3. Considering how close E3 is to the release of Endgame, it just seems smart timing for news.

Lastly – and this is more of a hope than an expectation – but we have our fingers crossed we might finally get an update on that Final Fantasy VII remake. Despite being announced four years ago, we haven't heard a great deal since.

There are likely to be some unexpected announcements too, but those are the reveals we're hoping for based on existing announcements.