Sony Wants PS5 Price to be "Appealing to Gamers in Light of Its Advanced Feature Set"

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Yesterday, a little out of nowhere, we got a lot of news about the next generation PlayStation console which hasn't been officially named, but we're all just assuming is going to be called the PS5. In an interview with Wired, we learned that the new console, which won't release this calendar year, will feature a super fast loading SSD, support for 8K and ray tracing, backwards compatibility, PSVR support, high fidelity surround sound audio, and a whole bunch of other very expensive-sounding features.

Many of the technologies mentioned are not even commonplace on highly expensive top-of-the-line gaming PCs yet, let alone consoles, and the idea of Sony incorporating all of this high-end tech has caused many to worry the system is going to cost an arm and a leg. You may well remember the PS3's launch price turning many away from the console at launch.

While not included in the initial Wired interview, reporter Peter Rubin who was responsible for the report elaborated on Twitter, sharing some pricing discussion which didn't make the final feature but took place during the same interview.

Reading between the lines, it sounds like the new console is likely to be a bit more pricey than the PS4 was at launch, but that Sony is counting on the tech included in the new console justifying that price increase. Hopefully Sony is right – from the outside a console that powerful does sound a bit of a daunting purchase. I best get saving up now, just in case.