No, Splitscreen Isn't Coming to Halo 5, Despite Trailer Footage

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Last night, we finally saw the reveal of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, a new version of the Xbox One S shipping at a cheaper price without a physical disc drive. The console has been long rumoured, and alongside its reveal we got a trailer with the console. The trailer appeared to reveal a new feature for an Xbox exclusive game.

If you skip to around 42 seconds into the above trailer, you'll see a group of Microsoft employees, or at least actors pretending to be Microsoft staff, playing Halo 5 on console in split screen. This was a feature notably missing from the game at launch, and one fans have long asked to see patched in.

While an official Microsoft video would seem like a safe source for news, apparently it was a bit of creative liberty in the editing suite which wasn't cut out before the trailer was released.

Split screen will apparently be a feature in the upcoming Halo Infinite, but no, it's not coming to Halo 5 any time soon. We're very sorry to those two Halo 5 players still holding out on being able to play the game side-by-side on the couch.