Switch Firmware 8.0.0 Adds Accessibility Options, Library Sorting, and Save Transfers

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you, like me, have been grabbing games on Switch left, right, and centre due to the system's portable home console concept just really working for you, your game library might be a bit of a mess. I have nearly 150 digital games on my system, and until now there has been no good way to find a specific game besides guessing how long ago I played it. Because of this, I'm really quite pleased with a basic quality of life improvement in Switch firmware 8.0.0 which went live overnight.

One of the big changes in this new firmware is that, when you go to the all software screen, you can now select how to organise that collection. It still defaults to sorting by how recently you played a game, but you can now also sort by longest total play time, alphabetical order, or publisher. Sorting by total play time is pretty fascinating – it turns out I've played more hours of Fortnite and The Binding of Isaac on my Switch than Breath of the Wild, which seems bonkers.

Also in update 8.0.0 is the ability to transfer single game saves to a different Switch console without moving your whole collection of data over. While this seems a little odd, it would make sense if perhaps Nintendo was planning to release a more portable Switch with no docking ability later this year as many rumours have suggested. Perhaps this is a way to move over saves for games you'll play portably, while keeping some games on your home Switch?

The update also makes a few smaller changes including new user icons, adding a setting so your Switch doesn't wake from sleep mode when unplugged from a power supply, and perhaps most importantly a setting so players can double tap the home button to zoom in on a portion of the screen. The latter is important as an accessibility option for people whose vision may make some smaller text difficult to parse.

The new firmware is available now in all regions.