Right Now, There's No Plans to Add DLC to Jedi: Fallen Order

By Laura Kate Dale on at

With the recent trailer reveal for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a lot of discussion has been centred around the game and what we can expect from it. Electronic Arts as a company is generally known for packaging games with post-release monetisation, be it multiplayer, season passes, DLC, or loot boxes, but the publisher has been actively trying to spread the message that these usual aspects of its games will not be present in Fallen Order.

If we had to guess what was happening, we might guess Disney wasn't happy with the negative reception to loot boxes in Battlefront II, and may have stepped in to some degree. No matter the reason however, EA seems to be hammering this sentiment home. Below is a new tweet from Jay Ingram, community engagement manager at EA for Star Wars, in which he confirms there are currently no plans for DLC for the game.

While this statement doesn't completely rule out the possibility DLC might get announced down the line, it would be really nice to just buy a Star Wars game, have the whole story be there at launch, and for it to conclude in such a way that it doesn't feel like I need to buy more DLC to experience a "real" ending. I do miss when games were just isolated packaged products. I won't complain if this game ends up being what EA seems to be suggesting.