Capcom is Teasing a Retro Gaming Announcement for Later Today

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you head over to either Capcom's UK or US Twitter accounts today, you'll be able to check out a slightly cryptic video teasing an announcement. The video shows off a bunch of retro games visible in the reflective surface of arcade button covered hardware, and we think we have a pretty good guess what it's building up to.

The video, which reveals an announcement is coming at 4PM UK today (it says 3PM GMT, but remember we're currently in BST time), shows off footage of games including Alien vs. Predator, Darkstalkers, and Street Fighter 2. It seems highly likely from the prominence of the physical arcade buttons in the footage that we're going to see the announcement of a physical box that contains a bunch of Capcom arcade games, which can be plugged into your TV via HDMI.

While the official reveal isn't until later today, we would be surprised if this isn't what Capcom is building up to revealing. We'll soon find out.