God of War's Anniversary Celebration Includes a Free Theme, But No DLC

By Laura Kate Dale on at

On 20th April last year, God of War released on PS4 and totally changed how many of us saw the character of Kratos. Previously portrayed as little more than a man filled with vengeance and anger, the fresh start for the series introduced us to a more contemplative Kratos, aware of the downsides of his fury and trying not to pass on those same lessons to his young son Atreus. The new game improved on the series' gameplay, gave the angry god more nuance and personality, and for many was a fresh start for a character who had begun to feel a little stale.

The game's one year anniversary since it released is fast approaching – this Saturday – and so developer Santa Monica Studio has been preparing celebrations for the upcoming milestone.

The above video highlights the importance of the game to fans and creators alike, highlighting fan creations and stories that touched hearts of staff working on the game.

There's also a celebratory PSN theme. Seen above, the Kratos and Atreus in the Lake of Nine dynamic theme is now available for free to everyone, including people who do not own the game itself.

Additionally, starting Wednesday 17th April, players can also download a free set of PS4 avatars, seen above.

Lastly, to clear up any confusion, a tweet from God of War writer Cory Barlog last night was interpreted by some online as being a tease for DLC coming to the game. He very quickly clarified in a response that he was in no way confirming DLC, and that none was planned for release.

God of War's one year anniversary is this Saturday, 20th April 2019.