The Next DLC Character Coming to Jump Force is All Might

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you've been following updates to Jump Force, Bandai Namco's anime license crossover fighting game where Sasuke can punch Goku in the face, you may know that the game is due to get three paid DLC characters added next month.

We already know that the first of the DLC characters will be Yu-Gi-Oh protagonist Seto Kaiba, a rich kid who summons dragons and a literal god to fight for him using playing cards. But now we know who the second character will be, too: All Might.

All Might is a primary hero in the series My Hero Academia, a relatively modern anime about a prestigious school for heroes, set in a world where a high proportion of the population have some kind of special ability from birth. All Might's secret is that he was not born with his power; it's a power passed from one hero to the next based on who is deemed deserving of inheriting and improving it, which is how the show's young hero eventually gets his own powers.

All Might is considered the show's most powerful hero by a wide margin, and as such we can likely expect a reasonable fight from him. He's fast, and good at punching things really hard, so expect a lot more close-up combat compared to card summoning antagonist Kaiba.

Jump Force's three DLC characters are being released in May, but we don't have a specific date just yet, nor do we know who or what the third character will be. We will continue to update you as we get more information.