Octopath Traveler is No Longer Switch Exclusive, Coming to PC in June

By Laura Kate Dale on at

First released on Switch last summer, Square Enix RPG Octopath Traveler was pretty well received by both critics and players. It's a 2D sprite-based JRPG, but one where impressive visual effects like lighting and explosions are layered in HD over sprites to give the game a unique feel. Players play through eight interwoven stories, picking your own order to experience them, build a party, and try out unique abilities like challenging any NPC to a fight, or sweet talking extra information from them.

The game was announced as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and has remained one for nearly a year, but it seems that exclusivity will end on 7th June 2019 – at least according to a now-deleted blog post on the official Square Enix website.

As reported by Gematsu, last night this link – signified by "octopath-traveler-pc" in the URL – showed an announcement that the game was coming to Steam and the Square Enix Store on 7th June. While the link now just redirects to Square's main webpage, suggesting the announcement was put live prematurely, it does seem like an official announcement is imminent.

This news isn't exactly unexpected – we saw a Korean Ratings Board rate the game for PC a little while back. While the post has since been deleted, we fully believe the announcement including release date is accurate.