A Thinly Veiled Homophobic Slur Was Just Removed From The Division 2

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Up until yesterday, when Ubisoft released a patch, The Division 2 contained a poorly hidden and fairly obvious homophobic slur as part of a large mural on the side of a building.

The mural in question depicted a police officer eating a doughnut, with some icing having dripped onto his police badge. Noted by a player who was collecting images of spelling errors and oddities in the game, the police officer's badge featured the ID "FA6607", a clear attempt to represent a homophobic slur using numbers in place of letters.

Image: Imgur

As noted by PC Gamer, the police officer's face is lifted straight from the cover art for the Black Flag single, Police Story. The CD cover depicted a gun in the officer's mouth rather than a doughnut, and features the same homophobic slur, but being said to the officer rather than hidden in "leetspeak" on his badge. The song is an early punk anthem featuring anti-police lyrics, which makes some sense in the context of The Division 2, but does not justify the inclusion of the slur hidden away in the artwork.

Ubisoft quickly responded to the folder of images, explaining that a patch released yesterday, 11th April 2019, would remove the slur from the game. We have reached out to Ubisoft for comment on whether the patch removed the entire image from the building, or simply altered the text on the officer's badge, but have not yet received a response.