Mario Odyssey is Getting a VR Cutscene Theatre Mode in a Few Weeks

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you're planning on picking up the Nintendo Labo VR Kit tomorrow, which creates a cardboard shell for your console and allows for explorations of virtual spaces, you might be wondering what software support there will be for it. We know there's a bunch of free software bundled in with Labo, and Breath of the Wild is getting full VR support, but what about other games? We already know that Mario Odyssey is getting some mini playable VR levels added in a few weeks, but now we also know it's getting a VR cutscene viewer too.

As revealed by a Tweet from the Japanese Mario Odyssey Twitter, the 26th April update for Mario Odyssey will bring with it a menu option allowing players to select any cutscene they've seen in the game, and watch it back either in 2D, or with support for VR.

While the Tweet explains that VR mode will allow for depth perception during those cutscenes, it's unclear if players can look around and see what was behind them during the cutscene. That would require adding additional content to cutscenes, and it's unclear if that is what's planned.

We should get more answers about exactly how this new mode works in the next couple of weeks.