Nintendo May Have Just Leaked a Stage Builder Coming to Smash Ultimate

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Sometimes, when it comes to video game news, we sometimes learn things before we were officially meant to. Sometimes it's a ratings board listing for an unannounced game, sometimes it's reports from insider sources, and sometimes a publisher manages to accidentally show something off in the background of a shot without meaning to. The latter seems like it may be what happened last night.

Overnight, the official Nintendo YouTube channel uploaded a new TV spot for Smash Bros. Ultimate, its flagship party fighting game on Switch. While most of the trailer is uneventful, pausing two seconds into the trailer shows off a version of the "games and more" menu that differs from the version currently live in game. If you look at the bottom right of the screen, you'll see what appears to be a Stage Builder option.

Stage Builder options have existed in past Smash Bros. games, but not yet in Ultimate. We would put our bets on this being part of the game's upcoming 3.0 update, which we know is due some time this month and adds new DLC fighter Joker from Persona 5 to the game. We're expecting a Nintendo Direct to air before the 3.0 update releases, and considering this TV spot is already online, I can't imagine it's too far away.