Here's When and Where to Watch This Weekend's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Reveal

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Due to be released some time later this year, Fallen Order is, in theory, what Star Wars fans have been clamouring for ever since we started getting Star Wars games again: a single player-only narrative adventure. Set in the aftermath of the massacre of the Jedi, you play a lone Jedi trying to stay undetected and fight back for the side of good. We know very little else about the game, other than it's made by the Apex Legends and Titanfall developer Respawn, and contains lightsaber duels, but we should know a lot more this weekend.

This weekend, Star Wars Celebration is taking place in Chicago, and as part of the event we will be seeing a proper unveiling for Fallen Order. While we have not been given specifics of what will be shown, we're expecting a trailer and some gameplay to hopefully justify the lengthy panel.

The panel will be livestreamed, and will start at 19:30pm UK on Saturday 13th April 2019. You can watch the unveiling on Twitch.