Fortnite V8.30 Adds Reboot Vans and Capture Points

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Another week, another update to Epic's battle royale shooter Fortnite. This week's update brings the game up to V8.30, adding a number of much anticipated changes to the game.

The star of V8.30 is the addition of Reboot Vans, a new mechanic for squads to revive fallen players. Familiar to anyone who's been playing lots of Apex Legends, if a member of your squad dies they will drop something called a Reboot Card on the ground, which sticks around for 90 seconds. If you pick it up, your team will be able to head to a Reboot Van and cash in their card to bring that player back.

It's not a totally free mechanic, it takes some time to revive your teammate, and after the van has been used it won't work again for two minutes. However, any team member can cash in cards regardless of who picked them up, and you can revive as many people as you have cards for during one visit to the van.

Revived players will start with a basic pistol and some weak crafting supplies, but it's enough to get them back up and fighting. The vans won't work in single player modes, massive 50 v 50 modes, or modes with respawning already enabled.

Additionally, for battle royale mode players, today kicks off a new Buckaneer's Bounty event. For the next week, there will be a new limited time mode available every day. By completing challenges in the mode, you can earn free in-game rewards.

For creative mode players, the biggest addition is capture area items, which allow for the creation of capture the flag modes.

Save the World players don't get anything terribly exciting this week: there's a new Beta Storm and a new constructor hero named Bombsquad Kyle.

If you'd like to read all the nitty gritty balance changes and bug fixes in the latest patch, you can do so here. This patch is a big one, ranging in size from 1GB to nearly 8GB depending on your platform of choice. The update is apparently so large to accommodate needed fixes and improvements to the game.