Borderlands Review Bombing is Pushing Randy Pitchford Further Away From Steam

By Laura Kate Dale on at

When Borderlands 3 releases this September, the PC version will be exclusive to the Epic Store for six months. Many people online were unhappy about this move, and have responded by leaving large numbers of negative reviews on the previous Borderlands games on Steam. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford is aware of this wave of negativity on Steam, and it's not encouraging him to rush his games there faster in the future.

While the above tweeted statement doesn't actively mean future Gearbox games won't come to Steam, it certainly does seem like Pitchford views this as a problem with Valve's platform, and isn't in any rush to engage with the Steam community more than is necessary.

Recent changes on Steam that were implemented in an attempt to curve review bombing mean that while these negative reviews on past Borderlands games largely don't affect their overall score, the negative reviews still appear on the store page for anyone looking to purchase the games.