This Man Beat Super Mario 64 Using One Button and Morse Code

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Sometimes, video games we love end up getting a bit repetitive after years of replays. The challenge is gone, the surprise factor isn't there, and players need a way to keep their beloved classics fresh. For one player on Twitch, who wanted a new way to experience Super Mario 64, it all came down to using a fascinating limited control scheme to beat the game.

Twitch user Rudeism beat the entirety of Super Mario 64 using only a single bright red button. I know, it's mind blowing. Watching him fight the game's final boss is amazing to see, and had me confused at first as to exactly how he was playing so well by simply button mashing. In short, he used a series of long and short taps, similar to Morse code, to signify different inputs for directions, jumps, and more complex actions like spinning Bowser around.

This is a real example of how, if you're dedicated enough, you can teach your brain to do anything – even turning tapping a button into pro gamer skills. Now, I just feel bad about any game I've ever not completed with a controller.