Mike Tyson is Upset About a New Punch Out!! Game Which Probably Doesn't Exist

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson took to Twitter this week with a startling revelation. According to a tweet by Tyson, who has not appeared in a Punch Out!! since 1987, there's a new Punch Out!! coming soon, and he's not happy about not being asked to contribute.

Now, it's likely that Tyson is confused and getting upset about a re-release of an old game. On Wednesday 10th April, Punch Out!! is coming to the Nintendo Switch Online NES app – specifically the version of the game featuring "Mr Dream" replacing Mike Tyson. It seems likely that Tyson saw news about that, and got upset he wasn't in it, rather than having insider Nintendo knowledge.

With regards to why Tyson hasn't appeared in a Punch Out!! since the original, the official reason is that Nintendo's three-year contract with Tyson expired, and as he was no longer world heavyweight boxing champion (following his loss to Buster Douglas) the company decided not to renew. What matters more subsequently, however, is that in 1992 Tyson was convicted of rape, imprisoned and made to register as a sex offender. Nintendo, a famously family friendly company, does not want that kind of association anywhere near its games. Sorry Tyson, even if there is a new Punch Out!! coming, I don't think you'll ever get that call from Kyoto.