Super Meat Boy Forever is Getting a Short Delay, No More April Release

By Laura Kate Dale on at

While we didn't know exactly when, Super Meat Boy Forever had been expected to release in April 2019 for quite some time now. The upcoming ultra-tough platformer, which was initially planned as a mobile-only release but has morphed into a fully featured game with modular level design aimed at tailoring difficulty to player skill, was getting suspiciously close to launch without a release date, and now we know why.

According to a brief statement made on Twitter, Super Meat Boy Forever has been delayed from its planned April release date. The statement given suggests that the cause of the delay was not wanting to impose unhealthy working conditions like crunch on the development team, while needing more time to finish the game to a quality level the team were happy with.

While the game is no longer releasing in April, the delay seemingly won't be too lengthy at all, with it now releasing "after, but not too long after, April 2019".

Responses to the tweet have largely been positive, with fans happy to wait a little longer to see the game done right. The game is due to release on mobile, PC, Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.