Messaging App Snapchat is Getting Games

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Snapchat makes me feel old. I know it exists, but constantly have to Google what it is. A messaging app built around short-lasting messages and stories which vanish after being received, the app is incredibly popular, particularly with those dang kids.

A new update to the app’s chat window has now added a rocket, allowing real time games to be played between friends.

One launch game, Bitmoji Party, appears to be something of a Mario Party knock off, where players create avatars, move around a board, and play mini games between rounds.

Another game, Tiny Royale, appears to be a top down battle royale shooter.

All games on the service at launch are free to play, with six second adverts as monetisation. There is currently no option to pay to remove ads.

Now, hopefully my friends' high scores disappear like their messages, so my terrible gaming skills can remain a secret.