Borderlands 3's Split-Screen Will Be Console Exclusive

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Over the past week, we've seen slow drip feeds of news about the existence of Borderlands 3. From the fact it'll release in September, to a trailer and Epic Store timed exclusivity, more and more information is being dropped over time, like loot for us to collect with our eyes.

One thing shown off in the below trailer for Borderlands 3 is split-screen co-op, but according to a statement from Gearbox it seems like that feature will be skipping PC.

In an email statement given when asking about platforms which support co-op, Gearbox responded by saying that "Borderlands 3 will support two-player split-screen on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One". The fact PC was not included in the statement suggests it will not be an option on that platform.

Borderlands 3 releases 13th September, and will be getting a full gameplay reveal on 1st May 2019.