Your Civilization VI Save Can Now Easily Move Between PC and Switch

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you've ever played a full game of Civilization VI, you know that committing to your conquest of the planet takes a lot of time. Most players will commit to a single playthrough at a time just to keep track of all the nations and their ongoing needs and wants, which makes the prospect of moving between a home game and portable game tricky.

Until now, players on PC who wanted to play their campaign on the go either needed a laptop, or to commit to a whole separate playthrough on Nintendo Switch. Thankfully, the ability to continue your home conquest while on the road is now a reality.

Yes, cross platform cloud saves for Civ VI are finally available, so PC players can hop onto the Switch version and manage their campaign on the road, without having to stop and create a whole new nation.

There are unfortunately a couple of caveats with this functionality however. As only the base game is available on Switch, you are limited to base game saves without expansions.