Fortnite V8.20 Content Update Adds Bomb Arrows, But Doesn't Appease Competitive Players

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Another week has arrived, and with it comes another patch and update for Fortnite. This week's is the V8.20 content update, and while it adds some cool new tools for players to try, many competitive players are unhappy with the update as a whole.

So, let's start with what's new and exciting. For Battle Royale players, a new weapon called the Boom Bow is now available. As you might expect, it's a bow which shoots explosives rounds, in this case shotgun shells which explode upon impact. The longer you draw your bowstring, the harder the shot will hit your enemy.

The Sniper Shootout limited time mode is also back, in which players can only use snipers to fight, and the ability to revive teammates in squad games is no longer available.

For creative mode players, a new set of Geometric items are now available, including the below pictured adorable loot llama.

Save the World players get a new Cannonade Launcher, which is loud, but fires masses of rockets at high speed. It looks like a train, it's pretty rad.

However, for many competitive players, V8.20 Content Update failed to make one change the community had been desperate for, reverting some changes made in last week's V8.20 update. Yes, two weeks in a row had V8.20 updates — Fortnite has a weird naming system for patches.

The short version of the story is that back in mid-February, a Fortnite patch changed the way the game played quite considerably, skewing it towards the competitive scene. Players would receive 50 health and shield for a kill, as well as additional crafting resources, shifting the competitive scene away from defensive, sneaky, or hidden play, and pushing players to be more aggressive at going for kills. What made Fortnite unique when it released was the fact players didn't have to focus so hard on simply going for the kill, and this change did alter the way people played.

For casual players, the change resulted in their play styles being made less viable, and made the game less fun in some cases. At the top end, competitive players, including notable names such as Ninja, loved the changes and how they impacted the speed of play.

Last week's V8.20 update reverted these changes, explaining that they were part of a limited time test of public response to competitive tournament rules. Many had hoped V8.20 Content Update would revert last week's change and bring the kill rewards back, but it was not to be.

As ever, if you would like to read the full patch notes including bug fixes and balance tweaks, you can do so here.